10 ways to increase the productivity of your team in 2020

If you want to increase the productivity of your team, this article is for you. Do not worry if, in recent times, you have felt that your team is discouraged and has lowered its efficiency and productivity. It's part of your business lifecycle. We'll give you some tips to help your teamwork and get your company ahead.

Both efficiency and productivity play an essential role in the life of companies since only your work teams make it possible for your company to function correctly and to conquer the market. To reach this great goal, you must take some paths to encourage your team to be better and make them happy. At that time, you will achieve the maximum of productivity, of course, going hand in hand with technology. Here we show you how you can do it:

1. Increase your team's communication with you


As the person in charge of your team, you should encourage communication with each of them in several ways. By improving communication with them both at work and outside, you can bring many benefits to your organization, such as increased productivity and loyalty.

The lack of communication between you and your team only creates confusion, and very rarely will they be able to understand each other. Here are some practices that you can implement to improve communication and the relationship between you and them:

  • Schedule meetings
  • You must always recognize the positive, which means that every time your team brings a new idea, project, among others, you must recognize them and find ways to make them feel important.
  • Make job satisfaction surveys.
  • If there are conflicts, resolve them by talking like adults and professionals.
  • Always look for the most appropriate channels to communicate with your team.

As a recommendation try to develop a closed platform exclusively for communication between you and them, so you can accelerate the processes and improve productivity.

Another option is using software tools that already exist like Gmail, Slack, Microsoft 365, and so on.

2. Give them incentives


As a good leader, you must recognize the good performance of your employees, and you must encourage them with prizes, gifts, among others. This way they will perform better because they want to win the prize.

If your team is motivated and has a desire to grow and perform well in the workplace, your company is bound to do well. It's reciprocal.

3. Know their strengths and weaknesses

good and bad

Knowing these aspects within your company is of great importance since it can help you delegate tasks and activities to one that can execute them better, so you can take the productivity of your company to a higher level.

Recognizing the skills within your team will also allow you to be able to achieve more and overcome challenges they may not have been able to address individually.

4. Use project or tasks management software

task management

By implementing this tool, you will exponentially improve the productivity of your company because it will help you organize each of the ideas for the development of the project and also prioritize the activities. On the other hand, this kind of tool promotes collaboration between team members, and streamlines the development process, improving relationships.

5. Give your team a little freedom

team freedom

Get used to giving a little freedom to your workers. Being always on top of them creates a heavy work environment and increases distrust.

In 2020, we had to relax some aspects of the pandemic. Change old routines of life and work to improve them and make them more autonomous. We all worked at some point at home.

6. Always make them feel that they are the priority of the company


You must always try to make them feel important, that they are the most important asset of the company. Keep a constant dialogue with them.

It is recommended that you give them the power to take decisions at least within their area of development. These make them feel that they are taken into account and that their potential is not being affected and questioned.

7. Start the day with a motivational message


One of the things that can motivate your team is a message or activity at the beginning of the day, this raises their mood and desire to work, opens their minds, and helps them contribute with new ideas. You don't necessarily have to give a speech every day, but you can ask them to bring their favorite quote from each day or to talk about something that has inspired them.

There are many ways to do this, but the main idea is to help your team start the day on a positive note and with a clear focus on their goals.

8. Provide your team with the tools they need

team tools

Working without the right technologies and tools can make life difficult for any team. There is a wide variety of affordable tools that can help increase productivity and efficiency. There are many ways to do this, but the main idea is to help your team start the day on a positive note and with a clear focus on their goals. Part of leading a team involves making sure they have the best tools for the job.

9. Be the good example


There is no better way to lead your team than being an example to them. You must try to be the one who takes the initiative to do things, and who takes the baton, this positive aspect will allow you to finish all your projects satisfactorily. If you regularly motivate your team and set an example, there is no reason why your team should not bring its best game and do the same.

10. Praise a job well done

good work

You must always praise them at the end of each project, you just have to know how to do it, because some of them only like to be praised in private as others love it to be in front of others, so you have to handle this very well, always so they feel good and their talent is taken into account.

We have reached the end of this article, in which you have been able to see how to make your team more productive, which results in a better performance of your company. So if you want your company to be highly competitive, you need to take into account and put into practice each of the tools that we have provided you in this wonderful article. Don’t forget to be positive and always listen to your team to ensure the success of your company.

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