4 reasons why your company needs a custom software solution

In the world of business management solutions, there is a choice of either a custom software solution or a packaged solution available. Although there are already a wide variety of software programs developed, with proven quality, to meet the needs of different businesses, companies still have their own particular requirements and this is when customized software wins the discussion due to the many benefits and unbeatable flexibility it offers.

Even though there is a large amount of software, programs, and apps available in the current market, certain companies still struggle to find one that works for them, and still, they don't meet all their specific needs, or at least not in the way they require. Customized software is intended to be tailored to specific business needs and the fact that there are many people and companies out there such as Cobuild Lab ready to develop custom software for businesses is also a plus when choosing custom software solutions.

Custom software vs. off-the-shelf software

Off-the-shelf software is designed for a large audience with very similar needs, these are very standard programs such as Microsoft Word for example, which have a range of tools that are certainly very useful but we will probably never use them all or even missing one that could make our work more efficient, simple and comfortable.

Custom software development is focused on developing unique software for a specific user or group of users within an organization. The software is designed to maintain the company's existing infrastructure, brand, and operation, which means that it can only work for that organization. This software is designed to meet the precise needs that a traditional and generalized off-the-shelf software wouldn’t be able to achieve.

The 4 key reasons to choose custom software over a ready-to-use solution for your company are:

1. Custom software is more cost-effective in the long run
Yes, it does require a considerable investment to design your own software, but by not having to pay any license fees for off-the-shelf software solutions or not having extra expenses for unnecessary features, you end up saving money. In addition, custom software is a long-term solution that you won't have to replace for a while because it fits your needs like a glove eliminating the acquisition of new products and devices.

2. It provides a competitive advantage within the industry
No matter what type of organization you are managing, custom software allows you to make the best out of your business, giving you capabilities that your competitors won't have, so you can offer new services and more value to your customers. With this solution you can focus on every aspect of your organization, improving your company in terms of growth and effectiveness.

3. It Increases your overall productivity
Again, off-the-shelf software can be very useful in some cases, but in others they just make you waste time going back and forth through a lot of complex and difficult to use functions that aren't relevant to the tasks at hand. When you are implementing a custom software you design it specifically to meet your specific needs, keeping everything organized and in one place improving the employee's workflow, and therefore and most important, completing tasks.

At this point, the strategy that will help you get the most out of your custom software is to train your employees and the rest of the team so that they can familiarize themselves with the program and complete their tasks more accurately and more quickly than before.

4. No need to wait for a new version of the software
Custom Software grows and evolves with your company. Usually, when you hire a custom software development service, you decide on the features and functions you need and you have a team of developers available to work on your project so if you need to make adjustments and improvements you can discuss it with the team and make all the necessary changes.

This is precisely what helps your company grow, everything is built to optimize and automate processes, improving the productivity level of the company. You don't have to wait for a new version to come out, as the software progressively evolves with the company. You are in full control.

In conclusion...
Today, companies are more interested than ever in developing and strengthening their technological processes. Improving not only their relationship with customers but also their user experience, all of which results in an increase in sales. Simply put, custom software is the key to success enabling companies to optimize their processes, improve their productivity, increase their sales, and ultimately achieve greater profitability.

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