4Geeks Academy is now sponsoring our Meetups!

Miami, FL. Oct 28, 2019 - We're very grateful to 4Geeks Academy for becoming the latest sponsor of our Meetup Miami Software Developers. The sponsorship was confirmed by Cobuild Lab founder, Angel Lacret, also founder of our Meetup.

Miami Software Developers aims to help developers grow in their tradecraft, giving them the tools to solve problems found on any project, while also exposing them to ways in which these skills are being used in various industries. It’s a space for developers to learn, connect and share with other developers. The group provides weekly meetups every Monday in Downtown Miami.

4Geeks Academy was founded in 2015 in Caracas, Venezuela, by Marcelo Ricigliano and Alejandro Sánchez. It started as an internal initiative within a software development company in the search to train more and better talent for it, and ended up being a more significant and unique project called "The Academy." To the present day, they have a solid syllabus backed up by over 200 active developers in our community and over 500 graduates between their locations (Caracas, Santiago de Chile, Maracaibo, and Miami).

Do you want to become a member? Just bring your laptop and any problem you are working on, and we will help you in any way we can. Let's become better developers together!

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