5 steps you could follow to create your own Startup

Initial Steps
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Sometimes happens that you think you have a millionaire idea or a great project that will earn you a lot of money. All the excitement goes to the floor when you realize that it implicates so much money to do it. But sometimes we are wrong and this is not exactly as we think.

The money is not the main factor to build a startup or entrepreneurship. Obviously, it is important to plan strategies, create your product and hire services or personnel and a lot of things.

We let you here, 5 requirements that you have to know and practice to develop your startup:

1.-Innovative product or service

This is a headache, we know. All the people say that your product or services have to be innovative, different from your competitors… so come on! Think, think, think… There must be something in your idea that has to be different from other products. If it is not, well… make it up!

One little different thing in your service guarantee the 50% of your success. Analyze your audience or possible customers and think what they need or what they want into something that they already have.

2.- Build a prototype

Anyone will not buy something that they do not know, can see, touch and use. You must have to build a prototype of your product. Yes, in this phase you have to invert a little of money, but if it is too expensive for you, you can draw it or create a model of the product, with a disposable or rudimentary material.

Have a prototype is necessary to sell to customers but it is more important to sell it to investors or partners that will grant you financing. You must have to look for someone who trusts in your product or service, someone who believes in your idea and your talent.

In addition, you must hire people and if they know or see the prototype, they will commit to your product or service. Try that this person is trained in those things that you do not know or that you do not have more experience, in such a way that he/she complements and helps you to build the startup.  

3.-Establish a business plan

This is like your map. You have to write the production and distribution plan of your company. In there you have to put all that you need to start to create the product or offer the service. Do you need computers, office, Internet, employees? Or can you start with a few things, in your home, with your tools and computers?

Do a very realistic and convincing project in time and resources that you need. Do not discourage if you see that you need so many things. Therefore, be honest, simple and focus taking off your idea.

Business Plan
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4.-Establish a marketing plan

The marketing plan is where everything is a stake. But you do not have to know about everything, ask for help from your friends that may know about marketing and sales, do some research on the Internet and you are going to find some suggestions:

If your idea consists of a system, program or service, offer a free version, for a few months. In this way, they can prove, use and trust in your product.  

Offer discounts for launch. If the free version, does not convince you, can make discounts. People love discounts because they feel that they are saving a lot of money for something that they need.

Get into online spaces, social networks o niches of people that be interested in your product: groups on Facebook, hashtags on Twitter or Instagram or platforms to your target market.

On the Internet, there are many. Tyler Denk, Co-Founder of VentureStorm, recommends Product Hunt, HackerNews or BetaList. We suggest: Google Plus or Google Places (if you already have an office), create a blog of your product or do email marketing.  

5.- Do co-working

Photo by Rawpixel on Unsplash

Tyler Denk says that you have to go to events of your area and meet people that have the skills that you need. They can help you, contribute you or work for you.

Do not expect others to offer you strategic alliances, give the first step. Establish some mutually benefits with companies and others entrepreneurs that may have some site that let promote your product for free.

So, do not keep your idea and great potential inside you. Believe in it, convince yourself and be passionate about what you want to achieve.

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