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The last Thursday 24th we celebrated the 2nd Pitch Day of 4Geeks Academy for the 2 new Cohorts graduating the Full Stack Web Development Program. On this days were Technology and Entrepreneurship are in every corner of Miami we are proud to keep adding really talented Software Developers to the equation, with the best syllabus in town.

4Geeks Academy since 2015

4Geeks Academy is a Miami based coding academy (Bootcamp) focused on part-time studies, graduating developers for almost 3 years now. Located in Miami Downtown, this initiative has been preparing professionals with awesome coding skills for developing with state of the art technologies with their Full Stack Software Development Program.

Around Miami Downtown

The event was held in the main offices of 4Geeks Academy, located in the Starthub Cowork right on Flagler St. Since 6 pm we seat and chat with the graduates, the mentors, the hiring partners, visitors and other members of the cowork offices in a really exciting evening.

Time to Pitch!!!

Everything started with some welcome words of the Founder and CEO of 4Geeks Academy Alejandro Sanchez, thanking everybody for coming to the event and briefing us about the projects and goals achieved by the graduates.

Taap: Michelle Wiltshire

The first project was TAAP, a modern and beautiful directory for phycologist in the Area, built by Michelle Wiltshire, sorry Dr. Michelle Wiltshire.

Michelle is new in town, and with all her experience she explained to us her dreams to provide a space where you can look and find help on the web, really getting to know the person with which you can feel more comfortable receiving the attention that people you are looking for.

Community Website: Skarley Guerrero

After a really round of questions, we seat down again this time to listen to Skarley Guerrero. Skarley joined the program with a clear goal in his mind, to solve a recurrent problem in the Company where he works: Affinity Managment Services, where they provide assistance and resources to community associations.

He explains to us how disperse is the information necessary for the members of a community and how he plans to solve this challenge with his project: Community Website.

In the third place was the Octopus: A Modular Reservation Management System. This project, as the team explains to us was born as a necessity for spaces management in a really easy, practical and beautiful way; starting with soccer fields in Miami, and with big plans in its future.  

Thanks for coming…

The presentation was close by Alejandro congratulating the new developers and once again thanking the assistants for such a great environment during the event.

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