Cobuild Lab teams up with 8base to start building a new platform

Miami, FL. Feb 06, 2020 - The good run of the new year continues, and new projects are knocking at the door, this time with an incredible ally. At the end of January, the partnership between Cobuild Lab and 8base to develop a new platform was announced.

Besides being a sponsor of our Miami Software Developers group, the 8base team has allied with us to start developing a new platform. “We're excited to be working alongside such a talented team,” comments Angel Lacret , Chief of Product Development of Cobuild Lab.

The new project to be built is Lead Volt, a very specific CRM for the automotive insurance industry. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an application that allows centralizing in a single database all the interactions between a company and its customers.

The platform will allow Lead Volt to share and maximize the knowledge of a given customer and thus understand their needs and anticipate them. “Of course, we will use the Backend-as-a-Service offered by 8base since it allows us to develop a solution to manage three basic areas on the Lead Volt platform: sales management, marketing, and after-sales or customer service,” said Lacret.

Stay tuned for more updates about the Lead Volt project.

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