Ford will Bring Out Its Best-selling Home Van in a Green and Electric Version to Try to Capitalize on the Electric Transportation Market

What do you know? One of the great pioneers in automotive gasoline transport is betting on the electrification of transport in 2020 and the following years and will do so with one of the best-selling home delivery vehicles he owns.

The home market continues to grow after this 2020 pandemic, and transportation companies continue to make bets because it is expected to continue its development until 2035.

Ford Motor Co. wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and therefore is betting on electric vehicles. This November 11, they will launch their first product to the market, and the promise of continuing development in this industry continues.

"We want to lead the electric change. That's why we've committed to Paris (accord). That's why we're standing with California" on emissions policy. Said Jim Farley, CEO of Ford.

Do these initiatives change the transportation logistics process?

Of course, they do. We would have to renew the line items because, in theory, the fuel would no longer have to be purchased, but we would have to add payments in electricity and skilled labor for these types of vehicles.

We’ll have to develop technology that will help us manage these types of vehicles, know their performance, and many unknowns that we will be able to clear up when we have more information at the launch or at the time of acquiring vehicles for electric deliveries.

These bets are a reality. As a business manager, do you think they are a profitable solution for your deliveries and shipments?

Source: GovTech

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