How can a B2B Software Company help your business to become a Saas Company, and earn money?

With the quarantine restrictions, some internal processes in your company could be compromised, such as customer management or workflow management. Commonly this happens at some point (even if we were not quarantined), and that is when technology and software tools enter your business.

You can acquire these tools as universal products, or better yet, you can develop them with a software company in the form of a Software Solution. In this way, you can create a customized tool based on the needs and qualities of your internal processes.

In Miami, there are several options that you can take for the second option. We’re one of them, and that's why we dedicate this article to explain what is a B2B company and how we can help you to become a SaaS (Software as a service) company developing software solutions.

But first, what is a B2B SaaS company?

B2B software is a tool used by companies for mutual transactions between them, involving for example manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, and sometimes the consumer.

These types of platforms are commonly related to accounting services, inventory management, sales, marketing, including CRM, order taking, merchandising software, B2B e-commerce platform, project management tools, special "members only" portals, and customer service applications among others.

SaaS (software as a service)

We must first understand what a Saas is and how this can be adopted in the B2B world. A Saas is not more than a software that allows the distribution of the software. A supplier will be able to host this software with all its applications and make them available to customers through the Internet.

A SaaS is a software that allows companies to sell their products/services to other companies. These products allow improving the efficiency of another company, taking it to competition standards. Saas allows you to optimize your sales, marketing, and customer services to improve store performance and generate more revenue.

Benefits of Saas Products:

Organized Database:

The SaaS team you hire to manage the development, updating and maintenance of all your small business software tools will help you with the proper handling and storage of essential information.

Improved Sales Team Performance:

Improving the performance of the sales team, and each area of your small business, because software tools allow you to maintain the workflow, improve the organization and measurement of internal activities.

Customize the software tools that are already incorporated:

It is probable that you already use some of the most common software packages like Trello, Slack. If you incorporate a SaaS to your stack of professionals, you will be able to personalize tools that accomplish the same goals but adapt it 100% to the needs and processes of your business.

Customize the software tools that are already incorporated:

It is probable that you already use some of the most common software packages like Trello, Slack. If you incorporate a SaaS to your stack of professionals, you will be able to personalize tools that accomplish the same goals but adapt it 100% to the needs and processes of your business.

Lower labor responsibilities:

By hiring a remote team or a B2B software company, you can get a team that solves an internal need you have in your business, but without generating a lot of labor liabilities or responsibilities as an employer, because most suppliers work with outsourcing modalities.

Putting your business on the road to digital transformation

Every time you add software tools and technology to your business operations, you are more on the way to the digital transformation that is in vogue today. That allows us to automate many processes and to improve them in time and effectiveness.

Automatic update function:

Part of the activities you must complete is tracking updates to all the software tools than your employees use. When you hire a company that provides SaaS, this is a thing of the past.

Updates are done when and how you want because they are tools that were created especially for you and your business operations. If you make a change that requires updating, the team coordinates it for executing it under your direction.

Increased efficiency:

As we know, hiring a team to provide your business with software-as-a-service improves the performance of all areas by developing custom software tools. Part of that benefit is the increase of efficiency, that is, the successful accomplishment of the activities in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of resources involved.

Global Connectivity:

The world speaks the language of technology, and software is the medium for speaking that language. Many of these tools work with the internet, connect us with others, and if you want, you can even get a commercial benefit.

How does a B2B company work?

A B2B software development company is in charge of selling products and services (B2B software) to another company to solve a problem within the company. To develop software of this type it’s necessary to know each one of the processes of the client’s company to solve the issue at hand. It is important to emphasize that for larger or more complex products, a more exhaustive process of the B2B products is needed, to assure a good service.

Where can we use B2B software?

B2B software can be used in a wide variety of industries, which makes it very popular today: Financial services, Telecommunications, Construction, Healthcare, Education, Engineering, Marketing and sales, Food and beverage, among others.

Regardless of which business sector your small business is in, a Saas will help you to get your business on the road to digital transformation, and automated processes with the help of a remote team that doesn’t depend directly on you, and doesn’t create obligations or work liabilities, but still works in coordination with your goals and under your guidance.

Why can a B2B software company turn you into a Saas company?

If you develop an ERP system specialized in your industry, for example, and it works very well for you. Because it contains specifications for your customer management processes, then you could patent this tool and mass-produce it for other companies that are in your industry. All that by hiring a company, B2B software company, and developing a software tool. You can solve an internal challenge, and also get profit from this tool.

Cobuild Lab: We can provide you with software-as-a-service development

We’ve reached the end of this article, and now you know what’s a B2B software and how you can take advantage of it to make your company grow quickly. Here in Cobuild Lab, we offer you consultancy and development for your B2B software, according to the needs that your company, business, or public consumers demand. So don’t miss the opportunity to develop a B2B software and promote your business in the market, we’re waiting for you.

  1. We do a research study on the processes you want to improve. How they are performed, how they are expected to be performed, who is involved, and all the information needed to shape the business software tool we will develop for you.
  2. We define functionality, design, architecture. Evaluate and decide which is the best tech stack we can use to make your tool a reality. All this is important to develop the best version of your tool for doing it functional, easy to use for the employees, and develop it in the shortest time possible. We work with an agile methodology in each of our projects.
  3. We make a work plan. We establish dates, goals, tests, and follow all the steps until we are software-oriented to improve your processes, to overcome the obstacles of quarantine, or just for innovating with the help of IT.

Get ready to contract with a B2B company to transform your business in Saas and discover all the benefits you can obtain with software solutions thought for your industry. If you have a doubt or want to make a free consultation on budget, viability, and so on, contact us, and we’ll gladly help you.

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