IGTV, a new way to share in Instagram


When you think that you can manage Instagram as an expert, came the founders with a new actualization and everything that you had learned goes to the trash.

That’s what happened this week when Kevin Systrom, co-founder & CEO of Instagram, introduced IGTV (acronym of Instagram TV) from a live event in San Francisco, EE.UU.

IGTV is an application for watching vertical videos of 1 hour. It works aside from Instagram, but also you can view it on Instagram. At the new actualization, the icon is localized next to the direct message icon, on the right upper corner.

In this application, you can see large videos of people that you already follow on Instagram. Beside it shows you content classified according to your interest and the most popular videos on this social network.

What can companies/brands/startup/entrepreneurs do with IGTV?

Now, the brands, companies or startup have major possibilities to develop storytelling through IGTV, because you have more minutes (60 minutes) to hook your audience.

You can recreate a miniseries of your product or service as co-protagonist of the story, in such a way that the people get involved with your account. Film several chapters, use different emotions, create a story and have you followers identify with it.

You can post live or edited videos. For this last option you have to manage video editing programs, but fortunately exists some programs or application that you can use to edit the video easily, such as InShot, Canvas, Quick, Videoshop or Fillmore, among others more advanced.  


The major advantage of IGTV is that you can upload the videos in the app or on the web to start to use your own channel. This is a gigantic step for the company because the web version of Instagram has a lot limitation that not allows upload content; you just can give likes, check your notifications, follow new people, unfollow and search. Instead, with IGTV you can do it from your PC.

Probably, Instagram understood that to upload a video of such magnitude you need a very good Internet service provider.


If before Instagram demanded a very high mega to navigate for the social network, imagine what is going to happen with your monthly phone rent. Therefore, we suggest you that you connect to a Wi-Fi network to prove IGTV.

If you are a regular user, you just can upload videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. Only the big companies, brands or artists have the option to upload videos for 60 minutes.

Who is already in IGTV?

Instagram confessed that they collaborated with influencers and personalities as Kim Kardashian, Manny Gutierrez, Selena Gomez, Chris Hemsworth, Ninja, Iker Casillas, the Spain football selection and others, to promote and introduce this application.

You will have to download or update to see the IGTV option in your account. This may take some days or months while Instagram active it in all countries.

Will IGVT end with YouTube?

Instagram has been gaining ground from others social networks, such happened with Snapchat when they launched the histories with videos and photos, now it does with YouTube.

Some people say that IGTV is the big threat of YouTube and inclusive is going to end with this platform. We are not too apocalyptic.  As it has happened previously, every social network has its particular public, use, dynamic, and functionalities. It is true that IGTV brings a lot of advantages for users, brands, companies, and startups, but it does not mean that is going to end with YouTube, that has a community of 1.500 million actives user every month.

Is also true that YouTube is used as a gallery of videos for brands, companies and famous people and its users usually see the videos on this platform, but not share the content as they do in other social networks, as Instagram.

We think that we have to wait for the behavior of IGTV because it is the users, brands, companies which going to give it live, move and act to this new application of Instagram which already has more than 1.000 million active users monthly.

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