EXCITING! The Miami Software Developers group has reached 1100+ members.

Miami, FL. Aug 20, 2019 - Miami Software Developers group just reached 1100+ members, as it was announced this week by his founder Angel Lacret. Their meetups aim to teach and help developers grow in their environment.

The group was started in November 2018 by Cobuild Lab's Chief of Product Development, Angel Lacret. “I moved to Miami a couple of years ago, and since I love coding, I looked for a place to meet other developers like me. Some space where one could come, go networking while learning more about coding, but I didnt find any. So my failed quest motivated me to start this space.” he said.

Miami Software Developers is a space for developers to learn, connect, and share with one another. With a very topic-oriented programming, the group provides weekly meetups every Monday with not only something new to learn but also new skills to develop through Coding Challenges where a problem is presented to participants who must write code in order to solve it.

Their calendar also includes a monthly event where the goal is helping developers grow in their environment and giving them the tools to solve everyday problems they can find in any project.

Globally, there is an enormous demand for software developers, but not enough supply. This situation has led to the creation of numerous Bootcamps, which are intensive courses to train developers in a few weeks. The biggest problem is that the participants who finish the courses are not apt to opt for a job position at once because of their lack of experience and knowledge. So there is a considerable gap between Bootcamps graduates, novice developers, self-learners and job positions.

“Only the big companies can hire this type of new developers since they have a big budget, and they can afford to spend time and money in their training, and after about a year, these apprentices could be productive for the company; obviously, the applications are over-saturated. On the other hand, most of the job positions that are found in startups, or small and medium enterprises, (which cannot afford to invest in apprentices), target developers with 3 or 4 plus years of experience”

Miami Software Developers group is focused on accelerating the process by which these people who want to be developers, become potential candidates for jobs offered by small and medium enterprises.

So, all efforts are centered in allowing its members to learn the essential skills that every junior or novice developer needs to be eligible for such companies.

Firstly, to build a good portfolio and make it attractive for those companies as well as to learn new tools and frameworks that are useful to them in the labor field. Members also have the opportunity to learn the soft skills to become someone who can be employed and learn the hard skills that can be acquired with the Coding Challenges.

Want to become a member? Just bring your laptop and whatever problem you are working on! They will help you in any way they can. Become a developer with Miami Software Developers!

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