Must-Have Resources for Starting Your Own Local Business

Do you want to make a positive impact on your local community? Perhaps you’ve identified a need that just isn’t being fulfilled, and you feel that you could bring a valuable product or service to your town. Starting a business is a lot of work, but with the right resources on hand, you’ll be able to handle each step of the process with confidence! These guides will help you with everything from creating a detailed business plan to networking with other local entrepreneurs.

Brush Up on Your Business Knowledge

Need to expand your skillset before committing to entrepreneurship? Here’s how to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

  • Conduct informational interviews with other business owners in your community to learn from their experiences.
  • Ready to make a serious investment in your professional future? Consider pursuing an MBA in business administration online.
  • You can still land internships after college! Think about interning under a local entrepreneur for hands-on learning.

Bring Your Idea to Life

Now, you’re ready to develop your business idea and start taking steps to turn your dream into a successful company!

  • Before making any big moves, sketch out a comprehensive business plan to guide your path forwards.
  • If you need a retail space or office to meet with clients, start researching the commercial real estate market in your area.
  • Start advertising for job openings and hire your first employees! Even freelancers might need a social media manager or personal assistant on board.
  • Working with Cobuild Lab to automate your processes and workflow can help you troubleshoot business problems and rapidly grow your startup.

Landing Clients and Customers

Whether you’re freelancing or selling homemade products, these resources will help you connect with new clients and customers in your community.

  • Kick off a local advertising campaign with marketing materials tailored to the interests of your community.
  • Host a celebratory grand opening event to promote the launch of your business!
  • Network with other entrepreneurs and leaders in your area to form valuable professional relationships - if you’re freelancing, this can help you secure contracts through referrals.
  • Obtain customer feedback so that you can adjust your business practices in order to best serve your community.

Maybe you’ve thought about opening a business for years, or you’ve only recently embraced the idea of entrepreneurship. If you know that your community would benefit from a particular business, why not step up and be the one to take action? With these informative resources, you’ll be well-prepared to launch your company!

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