Technical co-founder. Is it convenient having one this 2020?

In this article, you can learn about what a technical co-founder is and how it can help your company. No doubt you will realize, founding a company is one of the most difficult things you will ever do in your life, and having someone by your side makes a big difference.

But what is a Co-founder?

A technical co-founder is a high-level programmer capable of excelling in terms of product. It must be a person with the ability to form a development team and ensure that each of the activities that are carried out throughout the development is met according to planning. But the role of a technical co-founder goes further than this, they are even more submerged than a CTO, because they are usually investors within the company, so they have some shares within your company or business, and along the other founders and investors they must make the most important decisions within the company.

What makes a great technical co-founder?

For a person to be able to be a co-founder they must have or meet some requirements and be very successful, as we show you below:

  1. High level of communication: The communication is one of the most important points within any company. Good communication is essential if we want our work teams to accomplish their assigned tasks. We also need to have good communication with our customers to strengthen their relationship with us and create confidence so they can return.
  2. Always take into account teamwork: This requirement for a technical co-founder is extremely important since only your team can make the company or business run properly, this is always the most important asset for a company. For every technical co-founder, your highest priority should be your work team.
  3. Always have a good projection into the future: You must be able to carry out the projects, and plan new business models, boost those you already have, invest in new technologies, innovate and never stop to achieve a resounding success.
  4. Complementary skills: He must always have skills, and a series of other factors that complement his role, such as leadership, order, discipline, and intelligence, among others.

Pros and Cons of a Technical Co-founder

The idea of launching your own startup can be very appealing at first. However, when the first problems arise -and you can be sure it won’t take you much time to face them- every entrepreneur starts thinking of finding a co-founder. We show below its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Support and collaboration. You can become a great team in which you share business and investment ideas.
  • Easy fundraising, it is easier to complete investment and start it because you can reach the amount of money needed because there is more than one contributor.
  • The necessary skills to make the company or business grow can be complemented.
  • The most difficult decisions can be better analyzed, as several minds give their point of view and a consensus is reached
  • Responsibilities and tasks can be shared so that not all the burden falls on one person.


  • There is the possibility that during the process of work and development there are different points of view so it can turn out to be a major issue.
  • Work inequities
  • Sometimes technical co-founders are not required in some activities, so they can sometimes become unnecessary.

We have reached the end of this post, where you have seen how a co-founder can become very important people within the structure of your company, and your partner in business. Only working as a team with a co-founder you can make your company grow very fast and make it even more competitive.

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