AVSEE: A new software project in the healthcare industry

Miami, FL. Sep 24, 2020 - At Cobuild Lab we’re firm believers on the potential of any given crisis as a source for opportunities, and during the current pandemic lots of opportunities are opening up on the healthcare industry. We have a new project on our horizon that’ll give us a thrilling opportunity to put to work all our knowledge in tool development in order to build a platform that’ll speed up processes to simplify for patients and doctors the task of having a right follow up for every medical consultation.

Usually, when we need to get a medical checkup, we have to set a previous appointment with the doctor. Once we’re there, we’ll probably have to get a series of complementary lab tests to take to a specialist and finally return to our primary physician to go over the results. For each one of these processes, the patient must set an appointment some time ahead which can turn out to be very tedious and impractical which can translate into inefficiency and some patients not going back to a medical checkup or abandoning their treatment.

Most patients would schedule a doctor’s appointment online if they had the chance to do it in a simple, accessible, and user-friendly way, and an important segment would even change their healthcare provider if it could give them online access. This trend will only grow bigger in the coming years and the Covid-19 crisis has only made this point glaringly obvious, accelerated what was the market’s natural tendency. Online access will be a key asset for every healthcare provider in the world.

Despite this, many of the available scheduling platforms can be a little confusing and impersonal for users, and doctors may worry about losing control of their schedules. In order to build a successful solution, we have to solve these issues.


AVSEE wants to simplify these processes by building an option that lets you schedule medical appointments and lab tests within the same platform. It’s a web application that will allow patients to carry on their medical process and will help doctors to keep track of their patients. The main goal in developing a productivity tool focused on healthcare like AVSEE is to facilitate the doctor-patient interaction so they can share information in the most natural way, saving time and optimizing resources.

After a series of meetings to plan the software project, we have validated the idea and currently started the development process. We put together a managed team of our best Web Developers, QA Analysts, and Product Managers to transform this idea into a Software Product. Stay tuned for upcoming news about this Project. Thank you so much for reading!

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