Cobuild Lab and Navigate are partnering to help early-stage companies grow

Miami, FL. October 26, 2020 - A new opportunity is coming up on the horizon for all our partners and readers, Cobuild Lab has made an alliance with Navigate Incubator to support founders in every step of their success journey. This was confirmed by Angel Lacret, CEO of Cobuild Lab, who is feeling very enthusiastic about the new projects that will be built in collaboration with this business incubator based in Miami.

“At Cobuild Lab we’re firm believers that every single time we’re writing a line of code we’re writing our future, we build software products such as web or mobile apps that run our lives and are changing the world we live in. For us, working in Tech means working for the future and so it is for many entrepreneurs who have ridden the wave of opportunities that the digital transformation has brought” said Lacret.

If you are reading this post, you are probably a creator or someone who thinks outside the box and seeks to innovate with your venture. At this point, you should have something cristal clear: that your business is totally innovative and fulfill the needs of an unattended market niche is not enough. Every entrepreneur needs to know that a good business plan is essential for the success of any company and even then, in some cases this is still not enough. Before moving on, we have to ask ourselves an essential question:

Why do companies fail?

As we have mentioned in previous posts in our blog, one of the main reasons why companies fail is because they face the problem that there is little or no market for their product, either because their value proposition is not convincing enough or perhaps they’re out of synch with the market. The second reason why new businesses and start-ups fail is that they run out of money. To prevent any of these scenarios to happen, sometimes an extra helping hand is needed before the project starts and during its development to build a successful company, and this is why business incubators such as Navigate emerge.

A business incubator is an organization designed to accelerate the growth and consolidation of companies in their early stages by providing them with a wide range of resources and business services that may include consulting from the initial phase of the project, offering a physical space, legal, financial and accounting guidance, coaching and in some cases promoting contact with potential investors by providing access to a network of contacts.

We introduce you Navigate

Founded by Pedro Sostre, a consultant and author with 20 years of experience in building companies, Navigate helps innovative founders navigate the world of new businesses and get their start-up companies launched, growing, or preparing for financing through practical business advice. Navigate aims to support the rise of new businesses, collaborating in every step of their growth by minimizing the risk of failure and thus ensuring the success of innovative projects by providing all the tools and assistance to companies before they are launched into the market.

Navigate x Cobuild Lab

“Being part of a business incubator like Navigate is an experience that can allow any entrepreneur to have a successful business without major risks, so it is easier to get results if you have an incubation program from the beginning” Lacret explained.

Cobuild Lab and Navigate are partnering to provide the best services to scalable, early-stage companies in Miami to create customized growth actions plan to help them get to the next level. “We'll also be sharing our expertise as advisors providing dedicated support to those companies who are looking to surpass the techno-speak to transform innovative ideas into sustainable software products” he said.

Navigate Advisory and Incubator programs will help you:
  • Improve your sales methods
  • Track your company’s progress with bi-weekly sprints to help you stay on track
  • Get your website reviewed and live feedback by expert advisors on how to improve your customer engagement.
  • Learn the importance of delivering your business idea to your audience and how marketing can be implemented to reach the right audience for your business
Set goals and push for your best results with Navigate. To learn more about their strategies contact them at

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