Cobuild Lab Founder Angel Lacret Shares Our StoryCommon with Voyage Miami

Miami, FL. Nov 04, 2019 - Voyage Miami's interview with Cobuild Lab founder Angel Lacret is now available.

The Voyage Group of Magazines bet on the creation of a new type of media, where instead of over-editing and polishing their stories, they seek to highlight the personality of their interviewees.
In this Miami chapter, they interview Cobuild Lab founder Ángel Lacret. He tells not only how he started his company but all the obstacles he's had to overcome along the way.

From a very early age Ángel Lacret entered into the programming world and has not stopped since. Working for important software companies, he decided to take the risk and founded his own in the midst of the tribulations that his native country Venezuela was going through at the time.

Two years later he moved to Miami to expand his horizons, "Four years ago I began my own journey and I started working with entrepreneurs here in Miami, and two years ago, I moved to the city to create an office to start expanding our business to the city to help entrepreneurs launch their software product," he told Voyage Miami.

Lacret explained that although at first it wasn't easy he had many people who guided him on his way for which he felt very grateful.

He also talked about what sets him apart from the competition. "We have sharpened our expertise, techniques, and tools into a streamlined and phased process to transform ideas into products." he explained. "Is our workflow that allows us to create Software Applications in just 1 or 2 months."

We thank the Voyage Miami team for their incredible work and for taking us into account for this edition. Make sure to read the full interview here.

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