Cobuild Lab partner up with Elemental Platform to start developing a new lifestyle app

On July 31st, Elemental Platform announced a new partnership agreement with Cobuild Lab. It was made known by its CEO, José Chirinos through the new official Instagram account @elementalapp.

Elemental Platform was born from the initiative of a group of talented developers residing in the USA, led by Angel Lacret (@alacret), co-founder of Cobuild Lab and coach José Chirinos (@coachguaji), CEO and owner of Bengal Fitness Group (@bengalafitnessgroup.).

The main idea is

"Creating an application capable of helping people in the modular processes of what it is to lead a healthy life or a good quality of life, through a nutrition system oriented to short and long term goals through the counting of macronutrients."

Said José Chirinos.

The application will provide a physical training platform based on programs initially for Crossfit, conventional Gymnasiums, and outdoor training. Its main goal is to take you by the hand through this entire transformation process, seeking to facilitate the arrival at the goal and that this change lasts in you.

Its purpose is to shield you from long-term illnesses, with excellent programming, coaching, nutrition tips, and a whole community of people looking for a better lifestyle. Stay tuned for more Elemental App updates.

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