Cobuild Lab teams up with Storyrocket to start building a new platform!

In early October, Cobuild Lab founder, Angel Lacret, confirmed a partnership with Storyrocket to start developing a highly improved 2.0 version of the platform.

Storyrocket is the ideal place to connect story writers with producers in the world of entertainment, including movies, reality shows, and web and tv series. In the world of entertainment, if you don't have connections, your story probably won't be seen, no matter how good it is.

According to Storyrocket president, Emmy award-winning producer Ana Benitez, there are more distribution channels than ever and they need more and more content, and that content is everywhere.That's where Storyrocket enters the scene, seeing an opportunity to create a connection between the world of creation and the world of content distribution.

Now Cobuild Lab has the mission of building a Version 2.0 of the platform, upgrading the look and feel as well, as well as many of its core functionalities and backend technologies.

Stay tuned for more Storyrocket updates!

Storyrocket Early Mock-Ups

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