Cobuild Lab teams up with GURUPIA to start building a new platform

Miami, FL. Jan 24, 2020 -This new year promises good things and one of them is the partnership between Cobuild Lab and GURUPIA Solutions LLC. At the beginning of January the CEO of Cobuild Lab, Ángel Lacret , announced that our team will have the task of developing the new version of the website for GURUPIA.

Gurupia is a B2B (business-to-business) marketplace for the clothing and accessories industry in America. According to Harold Rodríguez , founder of Gurupia, “the platform seeks to connect manufacturers and distributors of the textile, clothing and apparel industry between the United States and the rest of America, minimizing the cost of customer-supplier acquisition through a matching algorithm and creating value, visibility and accessibility to the American market for small and medium suppliers in the region”.

The focus of the first phase of the project is aimed at developing a scouting process in which after a series of tests, the platform's algorithm will yield valuable information helping to know whether or not the product being launched will sell, based on Amazon Data.

"Gurupia aims to provide a series of useful tools to online vendors and connect them with offline providers." Lacret said about the platform's goals.

Stay tuned for more updates about this project.

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