An exciting new project on the way: Awaken Flow

We’re very happy to announce that Cobuild Lab is developing the mobile app for Awaken Flow in a partnership with its creator, the amazing Mena Teijeiro.

Awaken Flow is a framework that focuses on helping individuals achieve their highest potential, and at the same time, making them feel peaceful and increasing their productivity.

Mena Teijeiro is an intuitive consultant. She has devoted herself to understanding energy and applying tools to create a peaceful and vibrant life and bridge the physical and the subtle forces to unleash people's highest potential to become the gift that they truly are for this world. You should check out her truly inspiring TEDTalk.

The framework provided by Awaken Flow it’s very simple and easy to use, and it’s a very helpful tool for individuals to have clarity and address their life with the discipline necessary to flow in life, while establishing a solid foundation for consistent creation.

Let’s hear it from Mena

So, it’s a very logical step to bring this amazing tool to the public through a mobile app in order to maximize its potential and accessibility. The app would work as an assistant to participants of the Awaken Flow workshops, helping them in keeping motivated and in track with their objectives.

Here at Cobuild Lab we’re very excited to develop this app using React Native technology that will hopefully contribute to a quick completion time. We’re very proud to be a part of this project and getting to work with such an inspiring figure as Mena Teijeiro.

Stay tuned for upcoming news about this project. Thank you so much for reading!

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