EXCITING! Cobuild Lab was sponsor of the CTO Founders Miami event.

On October 15th, the CTO founders Miami was held at the WeWork offices, and Cobuild Lab was one of the proud sponsors of the event.

CTO Founders Miami is a networking event, website, and App to match, connect, educate, and grow tech entrepreneurial ecosystem not only in Miami but throughout South Florida.

Cobuild Lab was one of the sponsors of the event, which was incredible. All the presentations were exciting, and the whole team enjoyed networking, connecting, and learning.

The event seeks to bring all those who feel so passionate enough about their idea, product, or service to join or start a Startup.

Cobuild Lab founder, Angel Lacret, as one of the speakers at the event, explained how the MVP captures the essence of startup marketing. He talked about the philosophy that any entrepreneur should follow: avoid building something that does not interest anyone, learn the most by investing the least, and get facts to help correct the initial business plan.

The event is expected to attract more CTO’s, Software Engineers, and Developers to the South Florida Ecosystem.