Congratulations to Jacqueline Popovich, our new Product Manager

Miami, FL. Sep 24th, 2020 - Today is a great plus one news day! We’re very happy to announce that Jacqueline Popovich is joining our team as our new Product Manager. We are convinced that she will bring fresh ideas and adding another layer of creativity to our team efforts to keep building the best software products.

Jacqueline’s Bachelor’s degree is from the Central University of Venezuela where she majored in Computer Science with a minor in Software Product Management from the University of Alberta. In the past five years, Jacqueline has been living in Miami and worked in companies such as HBO Latin America as a Digital Product Coordinator so she brings a wealth of knowledge about working with development engineering teams communicating any product’s vision.

What is a Product Manager?
Well, there is not a right answer and it’s hard to say because as teams and organizations grow the role of a Product Manager tend to change as well, they could take a wide range of responsibilities in some companies and these responsibilities can shift to be more focused on what’s essential to build an amazing product. A Product Manager is also responsible for defining the mission and vision of a project and translates them into day-to-day activities making trigger decisions between business needs, user experience, and engineering while still making their customers happy.

Now at Cobuild Lab, Jacqueline will be working very closely with the development department collecting their inputs to transfer market requirements into technical specifications to build solutions and products that meet customer demands in scope, time, and costs. She will also be in charge of developing and maintaining Product roadmaps, timelines, and strategic outlook for the company's portfolio as she manages release, lifecycle, and end of life activities for all Software Products developed by Cobuild Lab. With her years of experience in developing and introducing successful new media products, we’re sure that Jacqueline will become a valuable asset to our team.

We’re firm believers that every single time we’re writing a line of code we’re writing our future, we build software products such as web or mobile apps that run our lives and are changing the world we live in. Working in Tech means working in the future, from the Internet of Things to Blockchain every men and woman in the industry is a visionary and passionate creator who think outside the box, and quoting Apple’s founder Steve Jobs “people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, are the ones who do”. Thank you so much for reading!

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