Custom CRM: Why and how to use it in your business in 2021?

Today’s companies are increasingly implementing custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, these undoubtedly improve the efficiency of processes within your company and help you leverage even more in the market, and of course, improve communication between their customers, and they can find you easier. But to get started you must know a little more about it and how you can implement it in your business as we show you below:

What is a custom CRM?

A Custom CRM is a software used by companies to improve the interaction with customers, allow companies to organize, optimize, and synchronize all interactions with customers and analyze data throughout the customer life cycle. The purpose is to improve customer service, better understand customers, and improve internal processes.

Given that companies have different methodologies, processes, and products, their problems are often different, so it is recommended that companies use custom CRM for specific solutions. Custom CRM software is profiled and implemented to meet your specific requirements. Flexibility lies in the selection of processes that require automation and in the access of departments to a particular set of information.

Some Reasons to build a custom CRM

Among some of the most important reasons to develop a custom software we have:

You need specific solutions for your business process problems

Developing custom software offers you the opportunity to adapt your CRM to your problems throughout the process chain. This will help you get, without a doubt, more concrete results. By doing this you will not lose your money by paying a license for a commercial CRM that might not solve your problems later on. Similarly, this can be scalable, and be adapted quickly, and there is even the possibility of adjusting the solutions so much to you that no commercial CRM will be a rival.

Easy integration

CRM integration means that your system can connect to your website or a third-party service to exchange data seamlessly. This will allow you to increase productivity in all your departments (sales, marketing, finance, support, etc.). From lead generation to sales, and customer service to technical support, your daily operations will run more efficiently when your CRM system is integrated across multiple departments.

Allows you to be very flexible and scalable in the future

As your business grows and you improve your products, your problems grow, and you may have new ones that you have never seen before, but don’t worry, custom CRM software can be modified over time, either to increase the capacity of one of its functions or simply to add a new tool or feature that allows you to solve that new problem.

Data Security

Custom CRMs tend to be more secure than a commercial open source CRM, open-source CRMs can be good in their functions but the source code can be seen by many people and can be used with bad intentions. The website created on these platforms can be hacked "en masse" if the wrong person gains access to the code and database.

How to build a custom CRM?

To carry out the development of your personalized CRM you should keep in mind some tips that undoubtedly will help you achieve that result you expect:

Define your goal:

Determine your target audience and the problems you want to address. Think about the layout and functionalities of the platform. This will help you decide on the features that are best suited to your business needs. Your goals in developing a CRM can vary depending on the specifiсs of your business and industry, and may include:

  1. Storing and managing customer data in a single place
  2. Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty
  3. Optimizing marketing and sales processes
  4. Maximizing ROI
  5. Improving internal communication
  6. Getting valuable and detailed insights into customer behavior
  7. Managing leads
  8. Managing the customer base
  9. Optimizing customer service
  10. Easily navigating lots of customer data
  11. Generating reports to evaluate sales and marketing performance

Create an MVP

Building an MVP is the best way to get information from potential customers since the beginning.


Create an outstanding design keeping in mind who will use your product. Platforms for marketers or sales teams will look slightly different as they incorporate different functions.

Finishing development

Implement the feedback gathered during the MVP stage. Ensure cross-device functionality and mobile-friendliness.

Test and launch

Always test your product before launching to pick up on any bugs and errors.

Learn about an excellent alternative to develop a Custom CRM using the technology of one commercial partner: 8base

There are two ways you can develop a CRM for your company. You can use a commercial one that can be customized, meaning that you can activate the functions that you need more, and deactivate the remaining ones so that they are not an obstacle at the moment of using the software. But this option is limited in the long term because you can't add new functions that are not in the package if you require them in the future. On the other hand, we have the second option that is the most recommended, which is to develop your customized CRM, strictly adjusted to your needs and requirements, and with the ability to modify it as you please in the future.

You already know what a CRM is and the benefits of implementing this software in your business, so don't get left behind, and start looking for help to develop your custom CRM and take your business to another level. This way you will be able to connect better with each of your customers and identify them better.

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