Deepblocks: A Revolutionary Tool for Real Estate

Deepblocks is a tool for analyzing the financial feasibility of commercial and real estate development projects.

Olivia Ramos is a Cuban-American who attended Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami-Dade, earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Florida, a master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University and a master’s degree in real estate development from the University of Miami.

deepblocks Source: Deepblocks

Ramos always had interests in architecture, real estate development, urbanism, sustainability, big data, and artificial intelligence; she also participated in a DARPA program where she designed software for big data navigation based on architectural principles.

It wasn’t until she participated in Silicon Valley’s prestigious Singularity University for 10 months in 2016-2017 (she participated in the Global Solutions Program, the incubator, and the accelerator) that the idea came together and her startup, Deepblocks, took root. Singularity is also an investor.

Deepblocks’ mission is to help people live in safe, secure and sustainable buildings while using exponential technologies such as crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence to help cities respond to whatever needed at any given moment and driving down construction costs in the market.

Deepblocks core software enables real estate developers and others in the industry to model and evaluate potential projects in minutes, rather than days or weeks waiting for multiple offices to weigh in. With the help of artificial intelligence, it performs real-time analysis of financial and market data along with local building regulations

deepblocks Source: StartUp Miami

Deepblocks’ core software-as-a-service solution has been in alpha since late last year and used by 460 users. Incorporating learnings from the alpha, the beta version will have more robust logic, a new dashboard with more site analysis tools and abilities to model and manage multiple projects.

“Deep Blocks can be used to compare properties and what can be built on them. It offers financial projections, including the potential returns the developer can make on the property” - South Florida Business Journal.

“We want to build so many things, we want to have more robust 3D models where you can design the buildings, we want to have more robust financial projections, and we are bringing that on board. We want to go global”- Olivia Ramos


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