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Miami, FL. July 20, 2020 - iNotary Network has teamed up with Cobuild Lab to start developing a brand new platform for RON (Remote Online Notarization) service providers, this was confirmed by Cobuild Lab’s CTO, Angel Lacret . The web platform will be developed first and a mobile app will follow.

The internet has definitely changed the way the world moves. From searching for something on the net to placing orders that arrive at your doorstep, the internet has become indispensable in our daily lives. Many professionals have migrated to the digital world to offer their services. An excellent example is the online consultations offered by doctors who are on the front lines of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic . Now that many people are working from home, the Internet opens up a range of opportunities for those who have the courage to seize them.

And this is exactly what Katie Hernandez , an Experienced Executive Legal Assistant skilled in Strategic Planning, Litigation, Corporate Law and Real Estate has done. She has a history of working in the law practice industry, and while working in the Real Estate area she observed that they always needed to have documents notarized which was a bit of a tedious process since the parties had to physically assist in doing so.

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For a long time if you needed to have a document notarized you had to look through the yellow pages for a notary and most of the time it resulted in a failed search. Even today, many banks, title companies, or small business service centers no longer staff notaries or refuse to handle certain documents; so you would take your notarial needs back home with you in hopes of finding someone at Yelp that could fulfill your needs.

Of course, technology has advanced to the point where any document can be notarized electronically with an electronic signature, although the act of notarization must be done in the physical presence of a notary. But all this changed by a 2011 Virginia law , which relies on secure audio and video feeds to connect signers with commissioned electronic notaries; making it possible to notarize documents from anywhere in the world thanks to Remote Online Notarization (RON) . And as of January 1, 2020, 22 states have laws that enable their notaries to conduct remote notarizations for anyone with a Social Security Number - regardless of their location.

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With her vast experience, Katie has created a network of highly qualified notaries and launched a platform on which they offer Remote Online Notarization services called iNotary Network. It's a user-friendly site where in a few simple steps you can schedule an appointment and then you can meet with your notary to complete the signing and notarization process.

iNotary Network has partnered with Cobuild Lab to develop a software product for RON service providers. Taking advantage of the opportunities, “the INotary app aims to be a complete platform in which the physical presence of a notary is not required for the notarization of documents” said Angel Lacret , Chief of Product Development and Cobuild Lab's CTO. The project will be divided into two phases, the first will focus on the development of a web app which will be released first and then a second phase focused on building a mobile app.

The web app it’s already being developed with an eye-pleasant design. It will have an intuitive process allowing you login from any computer, tablet or phone to book an appointment, and once it is booked, the app will notify you and the notary as well; you would also be able to upload documents and add electronic signatures. A series of steps must be followed when notarizing documents, one of them is to confirm the person's identity, so the app will have a function that allows not only to upload an image or pdf of the physical ID but also to activate the camera from whatever device is being used to show the ID next to the person’s face.

A video call is be another function that we’ll be adding to the platform, so the parties involved can be present for the act of notarization, plus it could be recorded as a backup. Once the process is finished, people will be able to download a pdf of their notarized documents. "For the second stage of this project, an interesting feature will be added in which, once the person makes an appointment, the app will be able to match the type of notarization needed and the notary specialized in this type of notarization", adds Lacret. “Of course, for all this process the client will have to answer a series of questions, accept terms and conditions that allow assuring the privacy of the parties involved, provide consent to record the video calls, so that the whole process is carried out as stipulated by law” he said.

This is definitely a platform that is empowering notaries to be their best, the future of remote online notarization looks bright and INotary promises to be at the forefront. Stay tuned for more updates on this project. Thank you so much for reading.

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