Kairos AR: Rediscovering facial recognition

Kairos, a startup of artificial intelligence, specialized in facial recognition. Kairos navigates through the complexities of easy analysis technology and can recognize faces in videos, photos and even in the real world, making it easier to transform the way you interact with people.

Facial Recognition
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Brian Brackeen was the founder of Kairos, and his leadership led the Wall Street Journal to rank the startup as one of the top 25 emerging companies in the country.

Prior to founding Kairos, Brian worked as Senior Project Manager for Apple Inc. and he was Senior Managing Consultant for IBM. He lectures worldwide and participates in mentoring programs for organizations such as Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code and The School District of Miami.

Brian Brackeen
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Founded in 2010 and based in Miami, Kairos is a venture-backed organization servicing a diverse global customer base.

Kairos in 2012 it received $500,000 in seed funding, bringing its total funding to $1.7 million. That same year they launched their first product, Kairos TimeClock, which uses facial recognition to time employees at work.

Kairos always had the mission of being the main supplier of recognition for companies and thus be able to improve the experience between human beings and machines.

Historically this type of technology has always been complex and expensive, even beyond the reach of the majority. But the Miami-based startup wants to eliminate these challenges and make it easy.

Facial Recognition
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They offer a cloud-based facial recognition API that lets developers generate and enhance applications with easy recognition capabilities, allows them to integrate real-world analysis into applications to identify the number, sex, age and focus of faces in images or videos; and an emotional analysis API that is used to recognize facial expressions and emotions in videos.

Kairos also provides IMRSV, a camera-enabled crowd analysis solution for marketing professionals that gathers continuous audience analysis.

Kairos cloud-based
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In July of this year, the startup announced its “Kairos Protocol” to Blockchain Friendly ID Verification Powered by Face Recognition.

With only a few lines of code, developers can integrate the easiest recognition by moving forward with their dApps.

“Today more than ever people want access to trusted experiences, especially when it comes to making high-value transactions,” -Brian Brackeen

Got On Prem
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In October of this year, Kairos introduced its new facial recognition API, designed to meet the most critical security needs of its customers. In this way, they have shown us how they have matured as a company as the needs of their customers have evolved.

“…I’m proud to be able to say ‘yes’ and offer perfectly suited self-hosted solutions for our biggest clients, whether it’s a hyper-growth startup, or a Fortune 50 mega-brand.” -Alessandra, Kairos’ Product Specialist

Brian Brackeen
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Also this month there were significant changes in the company, Kairos replaces Brian Brackeen as CEO.

“Although Brian was the face of the company, there is still a team that is essentially the heartbeat of the company. We’re working tirelessly to continue business as usual.” -Melissa Doval

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