Know Low-code and no-code as a trend for custom software development in 2021

Over time, low code, and no code have been gaining ground in the world of enterprise software development. They’ve become very attractive to companies in recent years, as they can save a lot of time and money to get to what they need and solve their problems, but don’t worry, we'll be showing you a little more about what these technologies are about, and what benefits we can get from them, so watch it below:

What is low-code development?

Low code technology is a great way for developers to build applications with minimal hand-coding effort. This technology relies on visual blocks of existing code that are simply added. This method is often more efficient because instead of hand-coding a user management system, learning the latest programming framework, or writing 10 tests before a single line of code for your application, you go straight to creating something new and valuable.

No-code technology is:

A technology very similar, but more aimed at businesses or people who want to develop an application by themselves. No code allows companies or individuals to equip their teams with great tools, without having the slightest training in application development. Using presets components or widgets in an intuitive panel, and structure a software tool from there.

It’s also possible to develop a software solution (no-code) by the hand of developers or specialists in the area in order to get results faster.

Types of low-code and no-code software that you can develop

Portals and Web Applications:

Using a low-code platform, you can easily create a customer-oriented web application that helps you to know your products and services, to know your contacts, experience, and others.

Back Office Applications:

The low code and no code platform allows you to improve your organization's internal operations by creating a back-office application that uses only a back-office module. It also provides functionality to manage your business data for internal use.

Mobile Applications:

You can create a mobile application and customize the front-end, especially for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This makes it more friendly for users because they can log in from their phones or tablets, at any time they want from anywhere in the world. Without the need to install any software, the application is completely web-based, giving you full access to all elements of the web browser.

Why use low-code and no-code in your custom Software development

  1. Speed, With little to no code, you can build applications for multiple platforms simultaneously and show stakeholders working examples in days, or even hours.
  2. More resources, If you're working on a large project, you no longer have to wait for developers with specialized skills to finish another long project, which means things get done faster and at a lower cost.
  3. Low risk/high ROI, With low and no code, robust security processes, data integration, and cross-platform support are already built-in and can be easily customized, which means less risk and more time to focus on your business.
  4. One-click deployment, With low-code and no-code, one-click is all it takes to send your application to production. Launch day is no longer a nerve-wracking experience.
  5. Codeless platforms require very little training, so anyone in your organization can create an application.

8Base partnership: more than a low-code software solution

It’s a platform created for developers, which seeks to reduce development time through code packages previously assembled, with a specific function for each one. This platform is very sought after today by companies to develop their business software.

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“Today's modern applications often require complete freedom on the front-end to digitally enable customer experiences. But 8base balances back-end control with front-end freedom to the delight of everyone involved.”

At this point, you’ve already seen all the benefits and information to start your development process advancing low-code and no-code technologies. We are a software company that allows you to find software solutions in logistics, supply chain, productivity issues, and enterprise management, and we recommend and use this trend today because it brings us the opportunity to develop software in record time (agile methodologies). If you decide to sign up today on this path, contact us, and let’s build your idea.

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