Micromobility: a simple way to change the world

In a win for micromobility, this last June Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed off on granting e-scooter riders the same rights as bicyclists. The bill allows electric scooter companies like Uber's Jump Scooters, as well as Bird, Lime and Spin to operate anywhere in the state. Now cities across Florida are implementing e-scooter programs.

Governor DeSantis' signing of HB 453 is a win for micro-mobility and equitable transportation access for all, said Vivian Myrtetus, Government Affairs Manager for Lime Florida. "This legislation provides clarity to municipalities about the legality of e-scooters, and we look forward to continuing to work with cities throughout the State of Florida to meet residents' demand for a reliable and affordable transportation option."

The term micromobility is used to describe means of transportation and personal vehicles that can carry one or two passengers to travel short distances, usually the first or last couple of miles of a journey. According to a study by the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility, about 60% of all car trips made around the world could be substituted with a micromobility alternative since they're less than 8 kilometers long.

Micromobility could play a key role in solving two of the most difficult challenges posed by urban growth in the state of Florida: air quality and time wasted in traffic. If Floridians want a transportation infrastructure capable of supporting its residents well into the future, authorizing micromobility services like electric scooters could be a big step towards the building of a sustainable transportation grid.

The widespread use of electric scooters and bicycles reduces pollutant emissions and significantly improves traffic in urban settings, especially when combined with reduced access to motor vehicles in city centers. This is where micromobility contributes decisively by offering a mode of transport that allows you to complete the last leg of the journey quickly, comfortably, and without emissions.

In their early years, electric vehicles and renewable energy struggled against cheaper incumbent technologies powered by fossil fuels. In contrast, e-scooters and bicycles are generally less expensive to utilize than alternatives like public transit, taxis, and personal cars.

For all the enthusiasm surrounding electric and self-driving cars, micromobility devices (small electric scooters and bicycles) may be a much more powerful and immediate tool for slashing emissions and transforming our urban and suburban communities.

An integrated transportation system that includes public transportation and such alternatives as micromobility vehicles can help improve our cities and our way of life. Since using micromobility on a large scale still needs to mature a bit, city planners, micromobility companies, and the public need to work out the best and safest ways to implement these new and simple solutions that could leave a lasting and positive impact throughout the world.

Miami has now found an alternative to having to face more pollution, congestion, and gridlock. We’ll list some of our favorites micromobility companies in the city.

Uber's Jump

Uber’s Jump Scooters are a fantastic way to commute and get around your city. You can easily reserve one up to 30 minutes before you need it by opening the Uber app which brings you to the map of all available bikes near you as well its charge level. Once you reserve a Scooter, you walk to it, unlock it by scanning the code, and enjoy the ride.

micromobility Source: Alex Millauer/Shutterstock


Dashee is an electric scooter sharing company that is based in Miami Beach, they are the innovative, fast, fun way to get around. They are eco-friendly, easy to ride, fast, and at the perfect budget price point. Just download the app and go! It's THAT easy!.

micromobility Source: Dashee


Through the equitable distribution of shared scooters, bikes and transit vehicles, Lime aims to reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distance transportation and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet. Available at Play Store and Apple Store.

micromobility Source: Lime


Bird shares a mission with cities to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions by providing people with a safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly alternative to cars.

micromobility Source: Bird

Have you used one of them? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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