7 reasons to outsource a Software development team instead of hiring in-house

Over the years, software development has evolved and adapted to the needs of the market. Outsource software development teams are sought after by companies because they tend to be a little more functional and specialized, less expensive, etc.

Here we'll see other benefits of hiring a remote software team. So if you want to develop software for your business or company, you should take into account these aspects. Let's begin.

Develop software outsourcing a remote software team?

We regularly ask this question when we have to develop software for innovating internal company processes when we develop a new service or product, and even today, when we’re facing a global pandemic, many circumstances have changed. We have to adapt our business to new realities ( generally using software tools).

Hiring remote software teams consists of looking for people who are not from your company or business, and by this we mean a software team from a software company.

Current world stage

Today we face a great challenge due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This event has shaken the world economy to its core due to preventive norms necessary in the fight against the virus. This has made business owners reinvent themselves to get their products to the customers. Among other trends we’ve seen that:

  • Mobile commerce and alternative untouched payment options have accelerated significantly.
  • It has increased the development and use of learning software so that consumers can feel more comfortable, improving the performance of the company, and reducing costs.
  • There has been an increase in the implementation of automation in most business processes. Much interactions with consumers are not attended by a human agent now, this too makes them feel more comfortable, improving the performance of the company, and reducing costs.
  • Much of the application infrastructure is in the cloud.
  • Use of hybrid applications so they can work on any device and operating system.

In the United States:

In the country, the economic outlook has been unfavorable for all companies. The decline in real GDP growth of 2% or less will, in turn, lead to slower growth in U.S. technology budgets: from 4.5% in 2019 to 4.2% in 2020 and 4% in 2021. But not all is dark. Challenges are also opportunities to innovate and find alternatives that would help us to grow. Doesn't matter if it is slow but sure.

Source: ZDnet

It is time: reasons to outsource a Software development team

1. You relieve direct labor responsibilities because you’re hiring an outside company

By seeking an external development team, working conditions improve, and performance is enhanced by lowering operating costs since the main goal of outsourcing companies is to provide customers with the best possible material handling solution at a reasonable price.

Also, outsourcing a software team, you won't have labor responsibilities as employees. You pay for one specific service, and you receive it.

2. It's a challenge to find, hire and maintain within your company the software team that knows the software stack you need to develop the proper tools

For small companies, software development can be challenging. First, you need to know very well in detail the technology to be used to give solutions to the problem. This type of project generates an increase in the cost of development and the general budget of the company.

You could have a capable internal team, but if they don't know some technology, or don't have any technical knowledge, you have to pay for training to be sure that your team can develop the best software using the right software stack.

Another challenge to emphasize is the rotation of the personnel if you dedicate exclusively for the development, and if then you lose the employee for any reason, everything will begin again.

3. You save time

In the same way, there is a great saving in time, since you will not lose time looking for programmers and training them so that they can later adjust to the project, with this development methodology you will be able to minimize your developing time.

4. You can get the best-qualified team for developing your software projects

Another advantage of seeking to outsource a company is that you reduce the chances of errors, since your staff may not be sufficiently qualified to develop the application.

5. Easy scalability and flexibility

Your provider can easily scale software products developed to fit your company's changing needs. In that way, successfully meet internal requirements, external demands (if it is a software for exterior audiences), and even stay ahead of the curve with greater ease than with an internal software team whose update is solely up to you as manager.

6. Proven workflows and processes

Outsourcing providers offer experienced people that have developed many software applications. They know how to well-defined processes and workflows to boost their productivity and deliver excellent quality of code.

Also, a software development company provides your business with software developers, Scrum Master/Project Manager, Quality Assurance Engineers, and UX/UI designers, and all essential people for developing correct software.

You can have a single person charged with communications between your business and the development team, even yourself.

7. Bring in a fresh perspective

Normally, you have an internal IT team. They only know that in reality, if you involve external people, they’ll have the role of spectators and will surely bring another perspective to the necessary software tools and the technological development of your business.

Cobuild Lab can be your software provider

You have already seen the difference between in house development and external contract development throughout this article.

As you could see, it is better for the performance of your software and your company to make an external contract. Here in Cobuild Lab we can offer you a package to help you develop your software as a service, to improve the performance of your company, and to accelerate its growth. In the Cobuild lab, we are willing to help you with everything you need. You already know don't lose the opportunity to develop great software for your company.

With this information, you decide to develop your home business software or hire a software team?

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