REVIEW: DevFest Miami 2019 a Success!

On September 28th, Cobuild Lab was a Sponsor of DevFest Miami which took place at the offices in Miami Beach, Florida.

DevFest Miami is an event organized by different Google Developers Groups (GDG) across the country, focused on community building, learning, and exchanging knowledge and experiences often on Google’s technologies.

All the presentations were fascinating but Claudio Luis Vera inspired the crowd when he gave a different twist to what “Accessible Technology for all” meant. He explained to the audience that one of the goals we should have when creating software is to make sure that everyone can use your product, regardless of ability.

Creating an app that even a blind or deaf person can use would be a milestone in software development. If most products on the market had that advantage, the communication barriers would fall for good.

Cobuild Lab founder, Angel Lacret, was one of the speakers as well, sharing his experience as a technical Product Manager. Instead of focusing on traditional database management, he explaining how the Google platform, Firebase, sets a new trend for software product development, helping us to work better with our customers.

Also, as a sponsor of DevFest, Cobuild Lab gave away two coupon for a Fully Designed One-Page-Website Valued at $2000 each!