Software Development Process: a pragmatic approach

How many times have you heard someone say “Software Development it’s easy…” or “Software Development it’s not complicated…”?, I bet that not too many times, maybe some, depending in what do you do for living, but, of those times, how many have you heard someone reply some time in the future: “You were right!!!”, for sure for the most of us, that’s something very very very unusual.

Since the first computer program by Ada Lovelace in the 19th Century, passing to the birth of Computer Science with Alan Turing more than 80 years ago men and women have been struggling with rationalizing the real world that surrounds us with logical rules and models written computer programs, algorithms and instructions to achieve tasks in an optimal and effective way, and although we have done some really amazing things and have conquered a lot of fields with Software, this task hasn’t got any easier.

Nowadays people think that in the near future, with the advances in Machine Learning, a computer would be available to write software in a sustainable, more efficient and better way than us, some other people think that even AI (Artificial Intelligence) would take on many aspects that are cover right now by traditional Software Programs, that fairly mean that it would be someday a world without software developers. Here are some opinions

An undeniable truth is that the world of Software Development has improved a lot in the last decades providing better tools and frameworks to increase the amount of work that software developers can do, also lowering the barriers to engage and be productive building it.

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