Venezuela, New York, and Colombia the main sources of professionals for the City of Miami in the last year

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According to LinkedIn Workforce Report, for every 10.000 LinkedIn profile in Miami Fort Lauderdale, 8.64 workers came from Venezuela, in the last year, followed for New York City and Colombia.

This LinkedIn Workforce Report is a monthly report on employment trends in the U.S. workforce, based in that LinkedIn member who changes their information job and the total numbers of LinkedIn members in the U.S.

LinkedIn, a professional network, is currently being used for enterprises as the first social network for searching and hiring professionals for senior positions, while Facebook is used for find juniors, practitioners or recent graduates, according to a study of LHH-DBM Perú.

Actually, in this social network, you can see the complete profile of more than 460 million members; there you can find your niche market to hire the professionals that you need. Only in the U.S, over 146 million workers have LinkedIn profile.

For that reason, 97% executive recruitment prefers to go to LinkedIn to search their next employee, than to go to other traditional media, such as newspaper or virtual publications.

Months of highest demand

Especially in Miami Fort Lauderdale, January 2018 was the month with highest hires in the year on LinkedIn. Probably, it is because the companies, especially startup, hire professionals per year or for six months.

April 2018 grew 1,13 points front 0.94 points in April 2017, which means that LinkedIn is also growing every year, as a potential social network for hiring professionals.

There more than 80% of employed professionals are willing to listen to you, even when they already are working in a company or freelance, but they also are open to seeking a new opportunity.

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From south America
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Skills and profession

This LinkedIn report includes the skills and professions of greatest scarcity and abundance in startup or enterprises at Miami Fort Lauderdale, in such a way that the worker is located in the cities that need the skills they have.

In the case of Miami Fort Lauderdale, the workers with computer, development and management skills are more likely to be employed.

Therefore, if you have plans to move to other cities or migrate to the U.S. think it well first and research about the most needed employment areas, and if you have some of them ¡Bingo!

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