What nobody said about success

If you look up the definition of success, you will probably see "the favorable outcome of something attempted" or achieving an aim or goal. When we get started, immediately, the common denominators await with expectations for them, the best evidence of entrepreneurship are money and luxury.


Ok. Let's see. What does success look like?

As to how not to lose sight of your goals in the middle of a critical society, you must know that there are two kinds of success: conventional success, and personal success. When we talk about conventional success, we go by the perception of what people think you should achieve. When we refer to the personal success, we are talking about what you are passionate about, what you enjoy, and especially, what you are learning.

Secondly, as entrepreneurs, we need to decide on which things we are going to focus, on what you yearn for, or what others want for you. Sometimes conventional success can make us lose our purpose on the way. Only because someone tells you "you should do it, you are talented", what if you don't like it? Are you going to do it only because you are good at it?

NO! Do what you are passionate about! Remember this: Success looks like and means whatever you want it to.


We've always heard "be first", and so we live trying desperately to always come in first. But what would happen if we get a fourth place? and then we continue climbing until we obtain first place? It's necessary to clarify, this is not mediocrity; it's enjoying every step, step by step!

This happens in real life, Emma Avignon, CEO of Mentor Consulting has undergone a professional transformation. She had been climbing, exploring her talents, her passions, roles that fit her abilities and taste. She has been discovering what success looks like to her.

First, she worked as an analyst at PWC and then transitioned into Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Finance at EY. Now, she is a figure in business plus art, people, business, social enterprise.

Big successes are made up of small successes

The little things you achieve on the way don't disappear, they add up, and these little accomplishments are what make you a successful person. Don't be ashamed if you are a waiter and you want to start your own business.

Entrepreneurship is about growing one step at a time, focus on your personal success, even if you find yourself in a "low position", you can take advantage of it and develop your abilities, learn real lessons, meet people and especially, become a humanist.

Never give up! Success is the little goals you accomplish until you make your dreams become reality.


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