Ezonseller uses a simple principle that has been the basis of a profitable business for thousands of years - buy at a price and sell at a higher price.

You must discover the products that people are buying and identify, where you can buy them and sell them at a profit. At Ezonseller the idea is to make that research process easier and something that anyone can do.

Introducing Steve Rogers, the founder:

Started in 2006 in Brighton, when Steve Rogers attended a Bootcamp from a well-known salesman, and after three days realized that things weren’t as they wanted to make it seem.

After many months he still hadn’t won his first dollar, and five years later, after many searches, he was even worse than when he started. The training programs promised him so much that in the end they only generated great doubts and worries.

In 2011 because of fate, Steve talked to a good friend, who told him that a large retail store had a store that sold quality items at low prices, that’s how he made his first investment of 10 HD webcams and managed to sell them in a few days. And that’s how the whole idea started and became what we see today.

What is the Ezonseller platform?

The work that was made with Steve, in the development of the product, was implemented through two frameworks: Django (framework of python with which the API was developed) and React (framework of javascript with which the views were developed), the work deals in itself with the comparison of prices of products between the platforms Amazon and Ebay. Several modules were developed in the application such as account management (login, registration, password recovery), management for product searches through the mentioned platforms, plan and payment management (creation, edition, elimination) and credit card management through the stripe payment platform.

Ezonseller connect entrepreneurs with business opportunities. The ideal platform to make your business grow.

How everything started:

The development of this project started around May of 2014 when Steve contacted me in a freelance platform to develop the first version of its software.

We built a version 1, using the technologies available back them.

Over the years Steve and I stay in contact regarding this project, and early in 2018, we have ready to create version 2.

Contact Person: Steve Rogers @ezonsellers

Location: Miami, US


Web Site: http://www.ezonseller.com/



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