Payklever Campaign Manager

Payklever Campaign Manager

With Payklever you can turn your car into a payment method. You can drive quietly and never handle your cash or cards.

Payklever started in 2016 as an idea of its founders to provide a hands-free payment method using RFID technology in garages, drive-thrus and gas stations.

Introducing Alexis and Kabir, the founders:

Alexis Jonama, the founder of Payklever, has a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD, a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Faculté Polytechnique de Mons and also has an Engineer’s degree from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He has over two years experience as an engagement manager at McKinsey & Company. INSEAD (SG).

Kabir Frutos is the founder and General Management of payklever, business and Tech Consultant, Advisor, Investor and owner of Kabir Capital, a company dedicated to Market Analysis, Accounting, SEO, Branding and much more. He studied a degree in prevention and integral security at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, in addition to studying Criminology and Criminalistics at the University of Salamanca.

With Kabir and Alexis we work building a Campaign Manager for the current Payklever platform.

What is the Payklever Campaign platform?

This platform consists of managing, organizing, segmenting and locating advertising campaigns with the aim of effectively promoting them through the dissemination of electronic channels, principally via text message (SMS), through the integration of the existing data of our customers registered in the playklever platform and data from the target market.

How everything started:

Marcelo Ricigliano, COO of 4Geeks Academy was the contact person for this project.

Kabir Frutos worked at Starthub, a cowork space located in Downtown Miami, the place where 4Geeks Academy founder, Marcelo met him.

Then, having left, they met again playing soccer. Talking that day Kabir found out about the software company and then he decided to contact Marcelo to talk about the project and the needs that they have. The meeting was held to talk about the project they had in mind from the campaign manager, and how they had already been developing the payklever platform. In this way, work began on this great project.

Starting working on the project was very exciting, after all it was a new client, new challenges in a great idea.

At the beginning of the development there was an unforeseen event that made the first delivery almost a disaster, despite that, they were very understanding with us and continued betting motivating the team to work and improve.

For a second installment Alexis and Kabir could see their idea come true, with their observations and suggestions the project was being routed with them next, anything that we needed all the Payklever team very kindly helped us, always very attentive to us for achieve materialize the final campaign manager.

The final test arrived after 3 months of development, it was necessary to carry out live tests, using the parking lot and not a simulator, more worries that went through our minds, and many crossed fingers so that everything went well … and it was!

But the best came after this, a few words that are rare to hear in the world of software development: Congratulations Team! You have done well!

We were very encouraged by having met the objective, to achieve the satisfaction of Alexis and Kabir, who after having had an idea could have materialized and as they expected.

Contact Person: Alexis Jonama

Location: Miami, US

Industry: Product and Operations

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Contact Person: Kabir Frutos

Location: Miami, US

Industry: General Manager

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