Contact Person: Cesar Lang

Location: Miami, US

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

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Introducing Cesar Lang (Jr):

Propagad founder Cesar Lang has a Bachelor and Masters in interior architecture and design. His 12+ years of experience working with small architectural, design, remodeling, and development companies has pushed him to find creatives solutions that were not only beautiful but marketable and business-oriented. Thanks to this experience, Cesar has built a unique professional profile with experience in integrated design and marketing solutions.

In 2016, in mid-August, Cesar Lang Sr. contacted me, at that time Director of Sales of 4Geeks, to begin work on a project that they had been formulating for a good time. This project was a platform to solve a very clear need for them in the advertising space markets empowering their owners to promote them and get in touch directly with their potential clients, and these in turn, also, be able to examine all the different existing offers to contract spaces for their establishments.

This is how an idea developed by Cesar begins to enter a new stage, the construction of the platform begins in December 2016 with all the challenges that entails a venture of this scope.

The platform consists of a website for registering its users with an interface carefully designed to work on any type of screen favoring the user experience.

In addition to this, it has an administration panel to report everything that happened on the platform.

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