The importance of testing your code. (It’s Done!)

– “Nothing is done until is tested.”
This is relative to the concept of ‘Done’. On daily basis we as programmers at all levels of experience always find out ourselves struggling with this term, until we end up not only wasting ours but also an important portion of the project’s time.


– “The earlier bird catches the worm”
Testing all the functions a block of code at once would save you lot of time at the end of the day. Knowing the test patterns and choosing the optimal one for the purpose of your test would save you of being rejected from the imminent and scary Quality Assurance testing process. The best part of it? This will make you notice possible bugs that might show up in the future, right now in the present.


– “Quality is an investment in the future”
Following all the good practices and having a perfect compilation at first without any syntax error isn’t really a proof of a well working application. This isn’t only going to improve the quality of your code making it more integral but also it will help you to built more compact and success Applications.


– There’s nothing more reliable than a tested code.
In the future this will help to build faster your applications by reusing it. Improve the modularity, make your code more reliable and trusted, it’ll make you notice future bugs and also it’ll make you see the passionated task of coding from a better point of view.


Easy, more tests equals to fewer headaches.




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