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Today we going to talk about Swift Playgrounds, an app made for the most little of the house, with this app they will be able to learn in different ways, more dynamic and interactive the fundaments of the programming language Swift, making this an exciting and powerful way to learn.

It’s used an interface very intuitive and simple that is more a game than a guided tutorial. It’s based in a graphic world where you have to go solving puzzle and overcome challenges about programming (updating periodically) to improve, everything based on programming language Swift.

The programming functions are available in a lower section, allowing that the kids just select the correct answer. Besides, the loops show sections that should include precise values (e.g. repeat one action four times).  We repeat that the best of this app is teach how to write code in Swift, a real language, and also, one of the most popular of the moment.

The goal of Swift Playgrounds isn’t only to make the language of Apple known, but also to guide the young public so with this App can take the first steps in the world of development of an intuitive and guided way, even managing to create your own complete application.


The playgrounds have a big variability as a tool and they are ideal e.g. for training. Through them it is very easy to try and practice Swift, teach programming to people that begins from an early age (thanks to showing the results in real time) or follow tutorial courses easily.

Playground also is a big tool for new modules or algorithms that we want to learn, adjust or optimize. The app allows you to see the results and their performance, also if we want to make some kind of drawing o graphic result, we will see it at the moment and we will be able to evaluate it.

Another important point is that this app can be used to test code that involves processing of some type of file or object such as image filter. We will be able to see the final result and see step by step the processing in all its phases.

With this new App, Apple links training in programming for all the types of users (in line with the slogan “Everyone Can Code”) with the diffusion of a language designed for its own devices. By making Swift the first programming language that many young people learn, it not only helps more people to acquire the programming skills, but also leads them naturally to their own ecosystem. Swift Playgrounds joins other initiatives that range from Processing to Scratch and toys like Cubetto in the formation of new generations of programmers. It remains to know what devices and operating systems will direct their creativity these young developers.

Both children and adults can use items such as Sphero SPRK (robot ball, also used in BB-8, Star Wars robot), Lego Mindstorms Educations EV3, brand of drones Parrot and more. That is, we can connect the device with our Smart Phone via Bluetooth. In this way you can see the code and control the different robots, drones or any instrument that you want to code.




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