DEVOPS: Automating the execution of a script

Every time that you are setting up a Pipeline to deploy an application there are some commands that you want to execute as root, for example:

  • Restarting a server
  • Cleaning some garbage
  • Setting some logs files and folders
  • Setting some monitoring tool

Doing these manually as you know is a tedious work and executing this from a pipeline is impossible unless the Pipeline user is root, and for security reasons that’s very not recommended to do.

So what i do know is to create a script that can run sudo commands without requesting passwords. Just like these:

  1. As root open /etc/sudoers
  2. Add a line like this: ALL = (root) NOPASSWD:
  3. Save the file

Then, secure the file by allowing only root user editing, as root:

  1. Change the owner: chown
  2. Change the permissions: chmod




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