How to Create a Function Triggers in 8base

Custom Functions

8base has custom features that allow you to extend your GraphQL API to connect with third party apis

8base has 4 types of custom functions

Resolvers: For extending your GraphQL API Webhooks: For RESTful endpoints (GET, POST, DELETE, etc…) Triggers: For functions requiring event-based execution Tasks: For invocable and scheduled (cron) functions

On this occasion we will see that create a Task type functions

A task is a type of function that can be invoked directly from other functions or executed on a specified interval. This allows for cron job like execution of your custom functions and is great for re-occurring tasks.

1. Create an account at 8base

In a previous article we saw in depth everything necessary to create an account and configuration, you can review the article here

2. Install the 8base CLI and Authenticate

npm install -g 8base-cli
8base login

3. Creating the project and custom functions

8base init . --functions=task:myCustomTask

4. Installing dependencies and configuring the workspace

npm install
8base configure

Task function

import { fetchAllAlliances } from '../../alliance/alliance-actions'
 * Calls overDueNotificationTask for every alliance
 * @param  {Event}  event
 * @param  {Context}  context
 * @return {Promise}
module.exports = async (event, context) => {
  console.log('EVENT: ', JSON.stringify(event, null, 2))
  const items = await fetchAllAlliances(context, false)
  const invokeOverDueNotificationTaskPromise = async alliance => {
    const event = { data: { alliance } }
    // we don't need try/catch, since we are not waiting for task response
    const response = await context.invokeFunction(
        waitForResponse: false,
    return response
  const responses = await Promise.all(
  console.log('RESPONSES: ', responses.length)

In this example we have a recurring function that runs every day and at the same time invokes another function




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