How to create a RabbitMQ User

How to create a RabbitMQ user

After you install the rabbitmq-server it is normal that you secure the service and create a new user for accessing the service.

I usually use rabbitmq for celery tasks. So this is a normal step to do.

Remember that RabbitMQ comes with a admin command: rabbitmqctl and this is what we are gonna use.

1. Deleting the default GUEST user

As a default rabbit comes with a guest user that can connect from localhost without a password. So we delete that first:

rabbitmqctl delete_user guest

2. Now, we create a virtual host for our purposes

rabbitmqctl add_vhost my_app

3. Create the new user

rabbitmqctl add_user my_user my_password

4. create permissions for the user in the vhost

rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p my_app my_user ".*" ".*" ".*"

About permissions and access control, you can find more information here:




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